Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Family Photos.... our first ever

Seriously, how cool are these photos? I have my good friend Sarah Webb to thank for these beautiful pictures of the family. We've actually never had the entire family sit in a professional photo session, ever. How sad is that? So glad I have Sarah as a friend and she was so willing to help us get this done. Thank you again!

The kids really started loosing it at the end if you can't tell. we had to shove food in veras mouth and Vincent just wanted to pull crazy faces, I had no idea he was doing that untill I saw the photos. oh well. just happy we did it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

neighborhood Easter party

our neighborhood is so cool (thanks Molly!) they put on an Easter Egg hunt for the kids this past saturday. such a beatiful day too i have to say, worked out perfect. They had snacks, drawings, races, egg hunts, and most of all..... the Easter Bunny!!!! Thank you again mr. bunny for making one of my children cry yet again. How rockin is the rabbit??? i couldn't have planned it better myself
kids only got like 6 eggs a piece but could care less, they were loving life! Vincent even gave a few away to a little boy how came late and missed the whole thing. Yep, he's that freakin cute. I got lucky with these two sweeties, love em so much! Vin even got to do an easter egg race where they carried an egg on a spoon and was brave enough to tackle the gunny sack race all by himself without knowing what the crap he was doing. go team darling!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

hello mr. bunny

so i have my very first tutorial on my sister's blog, you should check it out. not the best mind you, don't know what i'm doing but had fun with it :)

Horseshoe market is almost here!!

how freaking awesome are these posters!!!! so excited!!! if you want to check out what i'm working on for the show go to my other blog here

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Space Party

Thought I'd throw in some pictures ....... this was vin's space party.... i think he had fun. Also kinda Vera's party too. Thanks too all that made it, you guys are awesome!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


So i am so blessed. Just recently, a wonderful girl moved into my life:) She just happened to be a photographer and just happened to move into my ward. And just happened to like me, and just happened to like my kids (atleast she says:) so i wanted to share with you how talented she is, and when i say talented i mean talented in putting up with 20+mile an hour winds, crazy huge ballons, 2 whiny kids, mud, bright sun, squinting eyes, snotty noses, not knowing where I was taking her, and still resulting in these gorgeous pictures. I'm telling ya. she's good. again, thank you sarah. you can check out her blog here.

more darling children